StreamCCTV WiFi NVR 8 CH + 4 WiFi IP Camera (Full HD / 1080P / 2MP)

StreamCCTV WiFi NVR 8 CH + 4 WiFi IP Camera (Full HD / 1080P / 2MP)



Long Distance Wireless Range

These cameras have a powerful long-range signal and can be installed up to 450 feet away from the receiver (with a clear line-of-sight), or approximately 150 feet in a house.

Remote Viewing on Mobile

Stay connected to your wireless security system with one of our remote connectivity apps. Watch the live views of your property (or recorded footage) from your mobile device or computer.

Hassle-Free Wireless Setup

Simply secure the wireless cameras in those crucial locations, provide power by plugging them into a nearby electrical socket, and the receivers (attached to the WiFi NVR) will pick up the signal.

Crisp 1080p HD Quality Recordings

Serious security requires clear details and accurate representations of important events. This StreamCCTV WiFi IP camera will provide you both of these thanks to their 1080p HD recording resolution and an 82° wide angle lens.

Secure Local Storage

The security grade hard drive included in the NVR can store 2TB of data. This is plenty of space to store your motion recordings for months.

No Monthly Fees

The security grade hard drive has more than enough space to store your video footage, so there’s no need to spend extra money on monthly cloud storage.


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