StreamCCTV Backup

Offers surveillance backup for IP cameras and DVRs/NVRs with FTP support. Navigate and playback historical recordings with our easy-to-use web interface.

StreamCCTV Backup can accommodate a wide range of video surveillance systems. For better security, you should backup your video surveillance footage to the cloud. Not only is it more secure, but the footage can be viewed from anywhere via the web.

Our backup cloud solution is compatible with any IP, DVR, and NVR devices that supports transferring of footage via FTP.

StreamCCTV Backup uses Google Cloud as its backbone. Google is a world-class cloud provider with data warehouse locations around the world, protecting video files. Customers experience unmatched degrees of reliability and low latency. StreamCCTV offers the benefit of true CCTV backup storage and a solid connection to traditional DVR/NVR systems.

StreamCCTV offers a host of value-added benefits to its customers.

  1. On-demand; if needs change quickly, your storage or configurations can be added to or subtracted from in an instant, without the need for human intervention. Capabilities are provisioned instantly.
  2. Access to surveillance footage can be from anywhere in the world by phone, tablet, or laptop.
  3. Compute resources are optimized automatically. Transparency is the key to monitoring and control.

Using quality equipment is the first step in producing end results that are clear and detail oriented. Cameras with FTP functions make the process of backing up to cloud storage effortless and automatic. When your family or business is at stake, using professional grade equipment is the best option.

StreamCCTV works with a majority of advanced video surveillance systems in use today. Keep in mind, if you choose cloud storage as an option for your home or business, there must be a good broadband connection. Cameras communicating with off-site NVR equipment, and with the cloud, download and upload speeds are critical to the process.

Engineers at StreamCCTV can help with decisions on equipment and storage.